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Entry #3

My update june

2011-06-15 12:41:22 by YugitoPornz

Sorry for the slow update of my page. Been busy with a few things. Recently added my new flash called bovyne sex flash. Plus doing some commissions for some people.

That's all for now.


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2011-07-11 05:51:01

make wave and jet sex game.


2011-07-27 19:41:34

how bout fox and crystal, or anything with tifa


2011-07-29 15:25:17

Keep up the awesome work my friend haha now that i have you added to favorites it makes anticipating your submissions that much more intense haha.

Well tis all for now :3 ill stay posted.


2011-08-21 22:39:37

Try making a Sonic dating sim since no one else has tried/finished/keep it successfully active.


2011-10-14 17:15:42

ben 10. that is all.


2014-03-15 02:09:00

megaman maybe plz